Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I (might) Need an Intervention...

  As many of you know (and can sympathize) I am addicted to the wonderful, time absorbing hobby that is Pinterest.  If you're not on Printrest I would say that you should count yourself lucky, but that would be a lie. As much as I sometimes hate myself for spending hours on this amazing site, I also find some of my favorite crafts, recipes and tricks for around the house here and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

   Not on Pinterest?  Ask for an invite.  All ready on Pinterest?  Follow me!

   I have literally hundreds and hundreds of pins and I love Pinterest so much that I have decided to start sharing some of my favorites with you here.  You've seen the Broccoli Pasta fiasco (delicious mess that it was) and that came from a Pin I have on my Food I Need to Make board. I'm hoping just sharing from one board at a time or so will have it feel like less of an overload, so here are a few of my current favorites from my Pinterest recipes:

  These cucumber rolls seemed a little tricky to me for the bridal shower I was throwing, so I just made the filling, which was delicious with a host of fresh veggies for dipping.

  I have made these amazing crostinis as appetizers and for my lunch many times and they are always a big hit!

  I use this as my go to Chicken Piccata recipe and it is one of Joe's favorite dinners.

   I have over 157 recipes and food ideas pinned to this board and I have another entire board just for desserts!  (Can you see how Pinterest really brings out the OCD in me?  I love it!)  Now if only I had time  and the pantry to actually cook some of these recipes I would really be in heaven.  :)

   Do you have a favorite Pinterest recipe?  Which recipe that you've pinned are you most excited to try, but haven't yet?

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