Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventures in Gardening

   I think tomato plant is my new favorite smell. The lush, green, new smell of the growing plant is something I'm finding hard to put into words, but if I had to I guess I would just say "summer".

   I've been trying my hand at container gardening this year. Four medium pots just out on the steps leading to our little yard. Unfortunately my initial attempt was not as successful as I had hoped. Our little yard is very shady. Good for keeping the temperature in the apartment down, but not so good for growing my little plants. There seems to be just enough morning sun for my tomato, oregano and strawberry not to die, but not enough for them to really thrive.

   I also started too early. Apparently May was way too ambitious of a start date for potted plants in Seattle. The weather simply refused to cooperate and my first attempt at basil died within only a few days. I quickly moved the tomato and strawberry into the house (the oregano was miraculously fine), but then again there was the problem of not enough sun even though they were in front if the glass sliding doors. Eventually I started carting then out to the curb on mild, sunny days in the hope of relieving their anemia.

   My efforts must have been just enough because it is now mid-July and I currently have one tomato and one strawberry flower to show for all my efforts. The oregano is doing fine. I bought another basil at Trader Joe's and simply left it in the container I bought it in and that hasn't died (yet). I also have a surprise. On a whim I took some old looking garlic cloves and put them in the pot the original basil plant had been in and they have actually sprouted!

   I love the idea of a kitchen garden, but I'm really glad I only tried growing a few things in pots this year. Perhaps, if we move, I can try something a little more elaborate next year or maybe just a few more pots.  How's your garden doing?

Do you see the one, tiny tomato flower?!

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