Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(Part of) My Weekend in Instagram

   Are any of you using Instagram?  I wasn't completely sold on it at first.  Mostly I just felt that it was an extra step in putting up my pictures on Facebook, but now I'm really getting into it.  I love taking pictures with my Iphone and I love all the different effects you can quickly add to them through Instagram.  Plus, Instagram is free!  I just wish I could get to it on devices other than my phone/Ipad. But I digress...

   In honor of my new love for Instigram and Iphonography in general I have given myself a goal of taking more everyday moment kinds of pictures.  To help me fulfill this goal, I have decided to show you parts of my weekend via Instagram.  Who knows, this may even become a regular thing.

Sunset over Alki Beach.  We went to get Mexican food with friends at our favorite Tex Mex place.  On our way in I pulled over to take this shot (much to the chagrin of my passengers).  I couldn't hep taking about ten more pictures of this gorgeous sunset.  I think I want to get a canvas and paint it in those colors.  Maybe I'll do that trick where you place stickers on the canvas first to create a white phrase after you paint it, but then I'd have to think of something witty and I'd have to find somewhere to hang it. 

These pretty candied apples at Pike Place Market caught my eye.  Luckily they were far too gorgeous to eat, which means that I didn't have to try and estimate their calorie count!  (I think that would have been enough to stop me even if they hadn't been so pretty)

  I thought that I had taken more pictures when I started this blog post, but apparently they were just several shots of the things you see here.  ::sigh:: I guess this means I didn't do so well on my goal to take more pictures of the everyday moments.  Oh well, better luck next weekend...

   Do you have an Instagram account?  If you want to follow me search for Charmingfox. 

  How do you celebrate the everyday moments in your life?  Do you enjoy using your camera phone to document what's going on around you or are you strictly a camera photographer?  Let me know in the comments!