Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First post from the road…

              There are many parts of America that are absolutely beautiful; unfortunately the partial tolls that we have been traveling don't seem to be the best way to see them.   That said, we have been very lucky on our trip so far.  I’ve been enjoying the iconic Americana views from the roadside and am looking forward to getting some great shots of the Midwest.  Bear has been snug in his dog seat throughout the trip. We didn’t realize just how domesticated he was until we stopped at our first hotel (motel, actually) for the night and he just about leaped out of his skin with joy at seeing furniture again.

            The first rule of road trips has to be roll with it (pun intended).  We have all ready changed our plans twice and expect to have to do so again.  Our first change was to reschedule our stop in Ohio for a much later time.  (I hope Chloe is feeling better Jenny!)  Our second change was to come straight to Quad Cities, IL (where Joe’s family lives) instead of going to Chicago first based on the astronomical prices for dog friendly hotels in the city.  Joe’s Mom and Aunt have graciously offered to watch Bear for an evening so that we can take an overnight trip to the windy city without busting the budget (almost $500 for one night is just ridiculous!). 

            We came into town and were immediately swept up by Joe’s exuberant family.  It was wonderful to be a part of a big family and reminded me very much of visiting Florida to stay with my grandparents and see all of my aunts and cousins.  We’ve been treated to fantastic ice cream at Whitey’s and are getting ready for a pool party and some (nearly) famous pizza.  Joe’s Uncle Bruce and Aunt Stacey have graciously agreed to host us.  It was great to sleep in a real bed in a real house. Bear was especially thrilled and has made himself right at home. 


            Joe has a job in Seattle!  He’s accepted a position with Attunix, a small start up in the Bellevue region.  We’re both really excited and can’t wait to get a house and really start our lives out there!

More from the road coming soon!

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