Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Learning - Math Edition

     This summer I am tutoring a group of really fantastic kids with a variety of learning goals.  So I thought I would share a few of my favorite math activities to make the summer learning a little less terrible.  :)

Hands on learning:

Multiplication Leap Frog
   Use sidewalk chalk to write the answers to the math problems your child is practicing (we were working on multiplication).  Make a set of squares that aren't any longer then your child can jump (I measured their jumping distance before drawing the board).  This is great because you can make as many new boards as you need and it gets your child outside and jumping!

Here's the one I made for one of my students.  We've been working mostly on the 6, 7 and 8 times tables.  I threw in a few easy ones ( 7 x 2 ) to make sure there would be a lot of success.

Multiplication Memory
   You can make a custom version with colored pencils and index cards (don't use markers or it will bleed through).  Kids will practice their memory skills at the same time as their multiplication facts.  There is also an awesome free version to print and cut yourself available on Super Teacher Worksheets.  

Online Resources:

  This fantastic site is full of FREE time tests, online games, flash cards and other practice tools.  The games are a lot of fun for the kids and are a great way to get 5 minutes of multiplication practice in every day with less of a fight.

   A great all around math site filled with free games that you can play with your kids!  Set up your own family group and challenge each other to a Multiplication Grand Prix Game.

   Sadly, this site recently put 90% of their resources for paid subscription members only, but it is still my favorite resource site.  It still has a sample of great worksheets and games for free and for $20 for a full year it's not such a huge subscription cost that I wouldn't recommend it.

  I hope this takes some of the guess work and grumbles out of your summer learning!  Do you have any great tips, techniques or resources that you use?  Please share them below!

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